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Our office continuously follows the very latest developments in the field of dentistry. We do this to ensure that we can provide our patients with the highest levels of care in modern dentistry.

One fascinating new dental procedure on the horizon is the ability to regrow actual teeth using stem cells. While dental implant technology is widely available today as a method for replacing missing teeth, patients in the future may choose the regrowth of an actual tooth using the stem cells procedure.


Using the human body’s own resources, future dental patients are expected to be able to regrow anatomically correct real teeth, lost due to traumatic injuries or other conditions. A faster recovery time compared to implant surgery is one of the advantages that may appeal to patients. Additionally there’s the holistic appeal of having your own real teeth. The successful application of this procedure in the future will allow a tooth to grow in a patient’s mouth and then merge with the surrounding tissue.

We’re following the development of this new technique closely. To read more about it see the link below:

Staying current with evolving dental technologies is just part of the continuing commitment (and investment) we make for the sake of our patients on an ongoing basis.

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