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We all hated them when we were kids -- those horrible bands of metal strapped onto your teeth so that they would become straight and beautiful. Orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces is a painful process that takes years to complete. To make matters worse, your smile is marred by a "mouth full of metal" throughout your treatment.

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If the hassles, discomfort and unsightliness associated with braces has caused you to avoid undergoing orthodontic treatment, you are not alone.

What is Invisalign®?

Many individuals have chosen to live with crooked teeth rather than endure several years with braces. Fortunately, there is a better way to achieve a beautiful, straight smile. Invisalign® clear braces allow you to straighten your teeth using a set of clear, removable plastic aligners that are more comfortable than braces and practically undetectable by others.

You can find out if Invisalign is the right treatment option for you by speaking with Dr. Michael Adler in person. Please call 303-449-1119 today to schedule a consultation at our Boulder office.

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Straighten Your Teeth without Anyone Knowing

Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually shift your teeth into their desired position. Your treatment is designed to give you straight, properly aligned teeth in a shorter time than is commonly achieved with traditional metal braces.

When you choose Invisalign, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Removable aligners -- Your Invisalign aligners can be removed from your mouth when eating and brushing your teeth. This allows you to enjoy all of your favorite foods, and it ensures you to get the most out of your brushing and flossing efforts.
  • Comfortable fit -- Your aligners are made out of smooth, form-fitting plastic that gets molded to the contours of your mouth. They won't irritate your mouth the way metal braces do, ensuring a more comfortable treatment. In addition, you won't have to endure the painful tightening sessions that occur when you wear braces.
  • Customizable treatment -- The Invisalign lab will create a set of custom-made aligners that will address your unique orthodontic issues.
  • Invisible -- The clear plastic material used for your aligners will be virtually unnoticeable to others, eliminating the unsightly "mouth full of metal" associated with braces.
  • Fewer dental visits -- Invisalign requires fewer follow-up office visits throughout the treatment period since there are no brackets and wires that need tightening.

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign can be used to treat a wide range of bite alignment issues, including:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth
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In addition, you must meet the following criteria in order to be considered a candidate for Invisalign:

  • Have healthy teeth and gums
  • Have a fully developed mouth
  • Non-smoker or is willing to quit smoking during the entire treatment process

It's important to understand that you may still be considered an Invisalign candidate if you have cavities or suffer from gum disease. However, Dr. Adler will need to treat these conditions and restore optimal levels of oral health before you can begin Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign is very effective in treating mild to moderate orthodontic issues. If you experience a more severe condition, Invisalign may not achieve the best results. In these situations, Dr. Adler may recommend an alternative treatment option that will deliver your desired outcome.

The Invisalign Procedure

During your first visit to our Boulder office, Dr. Adler will take an impression of your bite using state-of-the-art 3D computer imaging technology. This impression will be used by the Invisalign lab to construct a customized set of aligners for your treatment.

Once your aligners have been created by the lab, you will return to our office to be fit for the first one in the series. Each aligner is worn for about 2 weeks and will gradually shift your teeth closer to their desired position. After 2 weeks, you will move along to the next aligner in the series. This process continues until you have completed your treatment. At this time, you will enjoy the benefits of a straight, beautiful smile.

In order to achieve the best possible results, it's important to wear your aligners for about 20-22 hours a day. The only time you should remove them is to eat and brush your teeth. You'll also need to wear your aligners at night while you sleep.

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Patient Testimonial

"I always enter the dentist’s office a little apprehensive thanks to the dentists I saw before Dr. Adler. And every experience I’ve had with Dr. Adler has been painless. Literally, and figuratively. The care is top notch, the people friendly and I always leave feeling relaxed. Best dental practice that I’ve experienced in my life, hands down."

Reduce Invisalign Treatment Time with AcceleDent® Aura

Dr. Adler is proud to offer AcceleDent® Aura, a state-of-the-art treatment that will help you achieve your Invisalign results up to 50% faster. AcceleDent Aura is FDA-approved and clinically proven to speed up tooth movement. It also reduces discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.

There are 3 structures surrounding your teeth:

  • Gingiva -- gum tissue surrounding your tooth in order to provide a seal
  • Periodontal ligament (PDL) -- a membrane covering the bottom portion of your tooth
  • Alveolar bone -- hardened bone that surrounds the tooth socket

During orthodontic treatment, force is exerted on the teeth which cause bone cells to mobilize around your tooth's root and PDL. This action results in changes to the alveolar bone surrounding your teeth which ultimately enable them to be repositioned.

AcceleDent Aura uses SoftPulse Technology® to release a safe and effective light force pulse that gets transmitted through the roots of your teeth to the surrounding alveolar bone socket.

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Can Invisalign be financed?

The vibrations created by this light pulse accelerate the rate with which your teeth move during your orthodontic treatment. When used in conjunction with Invisalign, AcceleDent Aura can reduce your treatment time in half.

Enjoy the following benefits when you use AcceleDent:

  • Fast, safe and gentle treatment
  • Lightweight and hands-free device
  • Effective results are achieved in just 20 minutes per day
  • SoftPulse Technology speeds tooth movement and reduces discomfort

During your initial consultation, Dr. Adler will explain the benefits of AcceleDent in greater detail so that you can make a fully informed decision regarding whether this enhancement is right for you.

At Adler Advanced Dentistry, we believe that a straight, beautiful smile should be accessible to everyone and we work hard to ensure your Invisalign treatment fits into your budget. Our office offers the following Invisalign discount and financing options:

  • Initial "signing discount" is applied when you select one of our Invisalign treatment plans
  • Advance payment discount is applied if you pay in full before starting your treatment
  • In-house financing plan allows you to make installment payments which are charged to your credit card after providing us with an initial down payment
  • Third party financing options from CareCredit, Springstone and Wells Fargo are also available -- you can choose 0% interest plans if you can pay in full within 12 months or low interest extended plans if you prefer to make smaller monthly payments over a longer period of time

Dr. Adler is an Invisalign Preferred Provider and Invisalign Dentist in Boulder, CO

Dr. Adler is an Invisalign Preferred Provider. This distinction is only bestowed on dentists who have achieved a significant level of experience performing Invisalign treatments. In order to become an Invisalign Preferred Provider, Dr. Adler met the following requirements:

  • Completed the advanced Invisalign training program
  • Continuously performs the required number of annual Invisalign cases
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By working with an Invisalign Preferred Provider such as Dr. Adler, you can be confident that your treatment is being administered by a highly experienced dental professional. Dr. Adler has handled hundreds of Invisalign cases throughout his career, and he has the background necessary to achieve the exceptional outcome you desire.

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