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I am so happy my kids are in the care of Dr Adler. My son ended up with an infected gum issue and Carli had him booked in the same day I called, right before Christmas to see my son. It was handling beautifully. I totally trust Dr Adler and his team. My kids love going to the Dentist, even if it means a tooth needs to come out! Thank you!

I always enter the dentist’s office a little apprehensive thanks to the dentists I saw before Dr. Adler. And every experience I’ve had with Dr. Adler has been painless. Literally, and figuratively. The care is top notch, the people friendly and I always leave feeling relaxed. Best dental practice that I’ve experienced in my life, hands down.

I came to Dr. Adler with a tooth that was prepped for a crown from another dentist. The experience with the previous dentist was traumatizing to say the least. Dr. Adler’s office got me in on the same day I called. I think they knew for my call that I was in pain and needed help. Two hours after my phone call I was in Dr. Adler’s chair having this tooth that was causing me so much pain fixed. Dr. Adler has all of the most modern technology that he uses in his office. Everything was painless. His staff was delightful as was he. I am new to Boulder and he will be my dentist going forward. I would highly recommend him to anyone that’s looking to have any sort of dental work. This is not the dentist of my childhood days. When you walk in his office they serve you coffee tea or water. When you get in the chair they put a fuzzy warm blanket on you and a wonderful neck support. I couldn’t even tell that he gave me a shot. And my crown was prepared right there on site. I walked out of that office complete. The following day, they called to see how you’re feeling. This is a full-service dentist with the caring staff.

I popped a crown last nite and called and left a message at the office. They called next am before 9 and got me in at 9:30. Half hour later, all fixed.

Dr. Michael Adler has been my dentist for twenty one years, and I can truthfully say he and his staff are the best. Yesterday he replaced a crown and the procedure went perfect. He and his assistant , Christina, took their time to make sure I was comfortable,and explained each step along the way. He made a partial plate for me twenty years ago and the fit was perfect, and I enjoy it to this day. He is a true professional.

Dr. Adler and his entire staff worked together as a professional team during my initial visit. Extremely compassionate and caring and dedicated to finding resolution for my pain. This is truly what visiting a dentist should feel like!

I am so happy that me and my family are at Adler Dentistry. I am very impressed with the facilities and the people. Carly, Talia, Dr, Adler, and everyone else seem to really care and do their best to keep us healthy.

I was totally impressed with your clinic staff a great group of professionals. I look forward to a great relationship. Worth the 5 hour drive form Crested Butte.

Amazing and so advanced it’s a whole new take away when you actually experience dentistry done like this. Why can’t every dentist practice this way. Truly a compassionate professional in his industry!

Words can’t express how grateful I am for all of you! I feel as though you have pulled off the impossible by fixing my smile, my dental health, my overall health, and my self esteem. It’s more than a new smile, it’s a new me – and I can’t praise you all enough. You are truly the best!

Had a great experience as always with the staff. The dental assistant who did my work was excellent: professional, gentle and informative. She is an excellent addition to the practice. But what’s with the water they squirt in your mouth? It is bitter and foul tasting. I asked the assistant about this and I was informed it was some “pill” they put in the container to “purify” the water. I assume the origin of the water is the city water line which should be pure and clean, but the tablet they put in the water is horrible and in my case they were squirting in over 90 minutes, while I gagged away most of the time. If you really need something to purify the water how about something that is tasteless or at least has a pleasant taste. This is something new because I was in in June and the water was just fine.

Thank you so much for a relatively painless experience. Your office and personnel are wonderful. Especially Heather who always makes me feel at home and well cared for, she is amazing! I am looking forward to my next phase of ortho advances.

Thanks again Heather. You made the experience painless !..I told my daughter about your office and confirmed what was originally told to me about how nice everyone was!..Rest assured, I will make sure my daughter takes those $50 referral cards and gives out to others. I still cant believe how pleasant this was!!! (maybe I should break another tooth just to visit you folks again- hehe)

Professional and compassionate staff take care of all your needs. Dr. Adler can take care of all your dental needs. He never seems rushed and will fully explain what procedure you need and why. He recently did a difficult extraction on one of my wisdom teeth and I never had any pain or swelling. I was shocked and very pleased how easy the entire procedure was, which speaks to Dr. Adler’s expertise and skills. I would only use Adler Dentistry and suggest you check it out for yourself.


Adler Dentistry is super proactive in their approach to dental care. The staff is super friendly and organized. I went in for a filling and was done within 20 minutes!

~ Jenna

Our family loves Adler Dentistry! Everyone in the office is super friendly and professinoal. All the dental treatments we get are A plus!


Our entire family sees Dr Adler and we have nothing but rave reviews. I had some pretty serious dental issues about two years ago and his skill and expertise saved my front teeth. My 4 years old son had a bad experience with a different pediatric dentist. We switched to Dr Adler and he went to school bragging about his fun time at the dentist. It’s a great place!

I was a bit skeptical about the neuromuscular dentistry treatment for my TMJ, but it does work. It’s non invasive (a huge plus) and while you can’t see results immediately, it is worth it to be patient and go regularly. Dr. Adler, Carly, and Heather are very warm and understanding, even when I’m the cranky patient. It’s an expensive treatment modality, but it works. Highly recommend.

Great atmosphere, communicated treatment and dental issues clearly, good sense of humor, I have found my new dentist!

My visit on April 1, 2016 was excellent with Talia as all of my visits are. I have been going to Adler Dentistry for 23 yrs now, and never experienced an unpleasant visit. Michael is a superb dentist, and all of the staff is professional and very courteous.

I saw Dr. Cherie Brown for a consultation on getting a gum graft for an exposed root from periodontal disease, and found Dr. Brown to be very professional and clearly explained the procedure and answered my questions.

Dr. Adler and his staff continue to deliver superb care- as they have for me for over 25 years. I could not be more appreciative or grateful.

My children love seeing Michael and his team. We always get good service, they know my children very well and we always refer friends to them as we know they will get the same service.

I love Adler Dentistry. I feel welcome and second I walk through the door and I know I am getting quality care. It’s a fun atmosphere and I actually feel at ease during my visits. Usually the thought of dental work makes me anxious. The whole team is very knowledgeable and they work hard to make sure my teeth are in great shape.

I have known Dr. Adler since 1999 when I first moved back into Colorado after being abroad in Japan for 7 years. After not having seen a dentist in Japan, I needed some periodontal work and it was great to have healthy gums back after that. He and his staff have always been courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

He pulled my wisdom teeth when I was 31 years old and I was really scared but Dr. Adler quelled my fears and did it quickly and painlessly.

Dr. Adler is the vest in his field for cosmetic dentistry and I value his skill and his word.

The staff is amazing. They are funny, professional and always, always proved the answers and help I need. After I have my teeth cleaned, they are white and smooth because Talia does the best. I’ve never had someone work on my teeth with such respect.

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Severe dental anxiety had kept me from seeing a dentist for several years. Talia and Heather were both very understanding and welcoming and helped put my mind at ease. When I came in for my appointment, I was blown away by the patience adn kindness exhibited by all members of the team, and I’m SO glad I chose Adler Dentistry for my dental care!

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I believe they are focused on their work and the comfort of the patient. The work being performed is accomplished in a smooth operating stress fee environment. Michael and his staff are taking dentistry to another lever with new technologies giving his patients the best possible benefit going forward.

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My cleaning was very professional, and the ultrasonic cleaner was gentler on my sensitive roots than with previous experiences at other dentists.

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I have been going to Dr. Adler Dentistry for 15 years and it’s the best dental office I have ever veen to. All the equipment and techniques are state of the art and the staff all know the latest vest practices in dentistry. I highly recommend them.

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Best service, best staff and I’m glad I found my permanent dentist!!!

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The most detailed and professional cleaning I have every had!

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Dr. Adler is well educated, kind, and has helped the problems with my bite greatly!

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Best ever. Corrected misses that my old dentist made and was the most painless super quick procedure I’ve ever had. Love them!!!!

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This place is great! Everyone is super friendly and helpful. I acutally look forward to going to the dentist which is kinda funny to say. Thank you for everything team!

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I’ve been a patient of Dr. Adler for something like 24 years now, and have almost always gotten good service from him and the rest of his staff. The office is comfortable, and they’re always using the latest technology to maintain my mouth’s health. The only negative things to say are that the office is far away now that I live in Denver, nobody really loves going to the dentist, and the fees are always higher than the “standard” prices my insurance will pay for.

I had something of a “dental emergency” and Dr. Adler was able to get me in and see me the next day, he then spent the time necessary to put things right, even as they were very busy. Thank you!!

Up to date with equipment allowing the best care possible. Staff professional, courteous and friendly.

Heather from Dr Adler’s office helped me tremendously with my daughter’s cavities. She took a lot of time going over preventative measures such as supplements, dietary changes, oils and much more. THere is so much you can do from a holistic point of view.

I am very grateful for all this advice. Thank you so much! Highly recommended.

Dr Adler is one of Boulder’s highest quality dentists. I have had all my silver fillings replaced, planing/scaling, two caps on my frt teeth done and 3 wisdom teeth extracted. In summary, if you want the best work done by a true professional, go see him, but expect to pay for the top shelf service. I know several people that have full restorations done, and they look incredible. I think Dr Adler has gotten bad reviews because some people price shop. This place is not Comfort Dental, you get what you pay for.

Dr. Adler’s Dental Practice in Boulder is the best I have ever been to. You can count on quality care. He is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The office is fitted with up-to-date equipment. All staff who work with Dr. Adler are top notch and always helpful.

I had no anxiety at all. It was fast and painless. A great group of people.

Dr. Adler has been my dentist for seven or eight years. He is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and patient. I have been overall quite pleased with the dental care I have received. Dr. Adler has outstanding people working with him in his practice. All his assistants are very efficient, professional, flexible and friendly

Right from the start, I was treated with dignity and respect. I was taught exactly what was going on with my teeth and offered suggestions. Very impressed with Dr. Adler and his team of highly educated professionals. I have recommended him to all of my colleagues as I am an RN and have lots of experience in the health care field. Thanks, Laura Dunnigan, MSN, RN

Great personal service from friendly folks

I have been seeing Dr. Adler for many years. His team is wonderful and look out for all aspects of my dental care. I believe I will have healthy teeth for years to come….even into the senior years, thanks to their thorough maintenance and eye to prevention.

This is by far the most professional, personal, caring and complete dental office I have ever visited. If you want real care and not just supervised negligence, this is the place to go.

Dr. Adler and his staff are always very thorough and really seem to care. I always leave feel confident that I am getting the most technically advanced, and the best care possible. Thank-you!

I have great confidence in Dr. Adler after 7 years of periodic tooth restoration. His diagnoses are spot on, his craftsmanship impeccable, and he uses state-of-the-art materials, procedures and equipment. The team is professional, caring and easy to talk with. Dental visits are never fun, but confidence and peace of mind keep me going back. – Ann Former Ice-chewer

I came to Dr. Adler with a long and painful dental past. After 9 years of wearing orthodontics, I transitioned into two appliances or retainers to constantly adjust and readjust my jaw. All in all, a painful process as my jaw never settled. After moving to Denver, I started experiencing a tooth ache and was dreading the inevitable return to the dentist. I searched online for a TMJ/TMD specialist and found Dr. Adler in Boulder, a 30 minute drive away. If you read no further, let me just say, he is worth the drive. Being a TMJ/TMD specialist, Dr. Adler understood the painful experiences I normally endure when going to the dentist. He was patient with me, as I needed more breaks than the average person due to my jaw pain. After completing the dental work (same day crowns are amazing), I began treatment for my TMJ/TMD and my jaw has never felt better. Dr. Adler is a professional, caring individual who truly wants to see his patients out of pain and will go the extra mile to do so.

Thank you Dr. Adler and team! You are all so Awesome!!! Very happy! 🙂

Excellent dental care. I always receive very thorough cleanings, and better than average attention to tooth and gum problems. Dr. Adler’s dental clinic is the best in professional care, and everyone is friendly consistently

I experience. Dr and staff always friendly and patient. I don’t always love dentists/sharp things in my mouth by they are great at alleviating my fears.

Friendly office personnel. Professionally astute dental hygienist.

My first visit to Dr. Adler’s office was for dental cleaning and I can say the whole visit was a pleasant experience. The staff is very friendly and personable and they answered my many questions with a smile. My second visit was to replace an old filling. And even though this visit included drilling!!! the experience was very comfortable. Stacia explained every step of the procedure and was checking whether I was OK. I did not experience any discomfort and the new filling fits perfectly.

Over the last three years I have had regular cleanings, cavity fillings, crowns, a fibroma lasered off my gum, a huge complicated incredibly infected root canal done and tooth saved! My mouth is almost completely caught up from a decade of missing my brother, my dentist back home in Indiana. I had two other dentists for the decade before I found Dr. Adler and had grown afraid of major work. But not anymore! All of the work Dr. Adler has done has been successful and looks and feels great! I am happy to have found a forever dentist for my myself and my family. I trust Dr. Adler completely based on his consistent standards of excellence. Everybody that works in the office is so nice! I love going to the dentist now, finally!

What a friendly office. I always receive a high level of attention from Dr. Adler. 20+ years and my smile was never better.

If you need your gums cut open on purpose and a chunk of tissue grafted on from the top of your mouth, this is the place to go. The staff is professional and efficient.

I had invisalign for a year and when the treatment was complete I told Dr. Adler I didn’t feel the bite was right nor had the teeth been moved into the desired position. Dr. Adler stepped right up and had the compny make 6 more months of retainers with out any problems or charges. Good Business!

This was the Greatest dentist experience I’ve ever had. No wait, very professional, kind, and gentle. Doctor kept close tabs on how I felt during treatment. Hygienist was equally considerate and professional. I have brought my son here as well for braces and he had a great experience as well. I would recommend Dr Adler and team to everyone. Finally a good dentist.

I always request flouride-free options at my cleanings and the Adler team always has flouride-free cleaning paste ready at my visit. My favorite thing about Dr. Adler is that I’ve always felt that he and his team have my best interest at heart and don’t suggest unnecessary treatments/dental work (I’ve had problems with other dentists in the past).

This was the best experience I have had with a dentist. I had a tooth that was cracked and I waited a little longer than I should have to get it fixed. I called first thing in the morning and Carly told me to come right in (as a new patient I really appreciated that). I got in and Laura his assistant was very very nice. She put me at ease when we discussed the plan of action for this tooth (it had to come out). When Dr. Adler came in he made me feel at ease he let me know step by step what he was going to do and boom the tooth was out.

I would recommend this practice to any of my friends.

My husband and I were introduced to Dr. Adler many years ago. Our dentist in Denver wasn’t able to save my husband’s tooth and told him I am going to send you to Dr. Adler. If anyone can save the tooth Dr. Adler can. He was right and Dr. Adler saved his tooth. We live about 45 minutes away but we have continued to make the drive for his care. He is the best dentist we have gone to. We would recommend him to anyone.”

Wow. I’m shocked, dismayed and baffled by the two horrendously negative reviews by Jen M and Jay F. I have been well cared for by Dr. Adler since 1994. My unlucky genetics, clenching and grinding have made for high maintenance teeth since before early adulthood. My dental expenses make a huge dent in my income. As such, I have always been mindful of the potential for other dental care that might be more cost effective than Dr. Adler. He has always been quite open with me about his rates being at or a bit above average for the area.

I even once went to another supposedly reputable dentist for a procedure quoted about 20% less than Dr. Adler. By the time I was out the door, I had to pay just as much as Dr. Adler would have charged. And the quality and entire experience was terrible. I went RUNNING back to Adler.

I often joke about how I have purchased an addition on Dr. Adler’s house as well as paying for one of his child’s college education. However, I have ZERO regrets and feel very fortunate to have received his care for 18 years.

His practice has always utilized the newest technology. His competence, integrity and professionalism is unwavering. He maintains a highly professional staff. I have NEVER had an unpleasant or painful experience in his chair. As a matter of fact, I relax so much in his chair that I often struggle to stay awake!

As much as I hate to face his bills, I can’t imagine ever wanting to go to any other dentist. Dr. Adler has earned my loyalty for the duration.

Thanks for reading,

— Lee

All I can say is that I have been seeing Dr. Adler for eight years and have no problems. I have had teeth pulled, cavities filled and aggressive cleaning of the gums and I am very happy with the work done. Dr. Adler is very considerate and helpful with any questions I may have. I wonder if some of the bad reviews on here are just people with an ax to grind. I would recommend Dr. Adler to anyone that needed a dentist with experience!

I have been a patient of Dr. Adler since 1994. He has repeatedly made my visits comfortable and I always leave feeling good. I have had a bunch of work done and his expertise and soft hands have helped me get through the procedures with minimal discomfort.

The offices have changed a bit since the 90’s. Dr. Adler consistently upgrades his techniques and equipment from x-rays to cameras. I can attest for his one day crown visits as I have had a few. Love his work and my smile.

Bottom line: I would recommend him to anyone – for monthly cleanings and check ups to full restoration.

Dr. Michael Adler has been my family dentist for many years. His practice is one of the top dental practices in the state. He is a stickler for detail, has the latest equipment and dental technologies, and regularly receives continuing advanced training in the most modern dentistry techniques. His website has some impressive before and after photos of cosmetic dentistry cases. Definitely recommend him.

Great dentist. Really knows what he is doing. I drive a very long distance to see him and its worth it.

Dr. Adler did a full mouth restoration for me, which eliminated all my cracking metal fillings and crowns, ‘straightened’ all my teeth without orthodontics, and generally gave me a beautiful smile, which I’d never experienced in my life. The staff is caring and the office highly professional yet comfortable.

Over the last three years I have had regular cleanings, cavity fillings, crowns, a fibroma lasered off my gum, a huge complicated incredibly infected root canal done and tooth saved! My mouth is almost completely caught up from a decade of missing my brother, my dentist back home in Indiana. I had two other dentists for the decade before I found Dr. Adler and had grown afraid of major work. But not anymore! All of the work Dr. Adler has done has been successful and looks and feels great! I am happy to have found a “forever dentist” for my myself and my family. I trust Dr. Adler completely based on his consistent standards of excellence. Everybody that works in the office is so nice! I love going to the dentist now, finally!

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The professionals, ALL of them- everyone on the Adler Dentistry team have been amazing for me. I came in with challenging chronic issues, anxious that other dental offices had offered no helpful solutions. Dr. Adler was thorough, adept, highly experienced, and confident that he could help me. After decades, I am finally pain free and so happy about my teeth!

My experience has been that I am in super competent hands. My situation, my dentistry challenges, had left me in chronic issues, anxiety, chronic pain, and distress. I am so relieved to have found such kindness, professionalism, and genuine care in the Adler team.

Compassionate, painless dentistry, respectful of the patient’s wishes and solicitous of the patient’s comfort. This is the office that finally cured my childhood dental visit anxieties. Asa a result, my teeth and gums are healthier than ever! And Dr. Adler’s office is always athe the leading edge.

I always appreciate getting to try the latest “gadgets”- the Cavitron Plus was a very pleasant, an improvement over the Piezo Scaler. Thank you for selling me the SonicCare Pro- I look forward to trying it just as soon as I’m back from the roller derby tournament in Indiana!

This is a dental team that really cares about its patients! Highly recommended!

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