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CU Boulder Dentistry for Students

Moving away from home to further your education and go to college at CU Boulder comes with a significant shift in lifestyle and responsibilities. From getting used to dorm or apartment living to finding a local dentist, there are many steps first-year and returning CU students must take to lead an independent, healthy college life.

At Adler Advanced Dentistry in Boulder, we offer a variety of dental services ranging from wisdom teeth extractions to teeth whitening to CU students.

If you’re a CU student or have recently moved to the Boulder area, schedule your dental exam and cleaning with our dentist at 303-449-1119. We serve patients in surrounding Colorado areas, including Denver and Ft. Collins.

Parents and CU students often have questions about establishing local dental care, such as:

Why Should I Establish Dental Care With A Local Dentist?

The college years are a time of significant stress, which may increase habits such as pen chewing, nail-biting, and teeth clenching or grinding. Those can cause tooth chips, cracks, jaw pain, and may lead to a TMJ disorder. CU students often change their diets and dental hygiene habits when they begin college, which may increase the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health concerns. The third molars (wisdom teeth) typically erupt during the late teens and early twenties, around the time young adults start college.

A local dentist who serves CU students can help prevent and treat these issues as they arise, and it’s essential to establish care in the event of an emergency. If you have a dentist you already have a relationship with, it’s much easier to get in as soon as possible when a dental emergency may occur.


How Do I Maintain A Proper Teeth Cleaning Schedule?

You should see our dentist at least twice a year for a dental exam and teeth cleaning while also remembering to brush and floss daily. CU students often make appointments during school breaks, but some may need more frequent cleanings, depending on the state of your oral health.

What Insurance Information Do I Need From My Parents?

Many CU students are on their parent’s dental insurance plan. You’ll need to make sure you have the correct insurance information, including:

  • Name of dental insurance
  • Parents’ date of birth
  • Parents' Address
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Contact Information

Are There Financing Options If I Don’t Have Insurance?

Adler Advanced Dentistry offers a variety of financing options for those who want or need to pay out-of-pocket for dental services. This applies to cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and dental bonding. If you have questions about insurance or financing, an insurance representative can help you determine coverage, or our office can help you find the best way to finance your dental care so you can have a radiant smile.

I Am Over 18. Can You Share My Dental Information With My Parents?

Understand if you’re over the age of 18, we can’t legally discuss treatment or account balance with parents unless we have written consent. It is your responsibility to discuss cost with your parents. Regarding this, we have a way to fill out patient forms online, so you do not need to come 15 minutes early to fill it out by hand. You can take advantage of this by filling out this paperwork with your parents to get the correct information.

Where Is Your Boulder Dentist’s Office Located?

Adler Advanced Dentistry is centrally located with ample complimentary parking at 1810 30th Street in Boulder, CO. Our office is close to central bus lines and less than a mile from the CU Boulder Campus.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment At Adler Advanced Dentistry?

Whether you’re new to the area or a returning CU student, Adler Advanced Dentistry welcomes new patients. You can contact our Boulder office through an online form or call us today at 303-449-1119 to schedule a new patient appointment.

Dr. Michael Adler and our experienced team of dental professionals provide cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, TMJ and neuromuscular dentistry, orthodontics, and more to patients in surrounding areas of Colorado including Fort Collins and Denver.


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