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April 16, 2016

Adler Cosmetic Dentistry's newest publication is the Colorado Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry. This overview guide conveniently profiles in a single document the major categories of cosmetic dentistry that we offer.

Dr. Michael Adler is an award winning cosmetic dentist whose work has received national recognition. Some of Dr. Adler's cosmetic dentistry case studies are profiled on our website with before and after images.

Our Guide To Cosmetic Dentistry is available to download as a PDF file. The table of contents includes:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • ...
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April 13, 2016

You’re home oral hygiene regimen is fairly reliable: brushing twice a day and the occasional floss. You know that regular dental checkups are an added preventative measure to maintain good oral health, so what is the optimal number of times a year you should visit the dentist for a professional teeth cleaning?

At Adler Advanced Dentistry, we recommend that you visit our Boulder dental office twice yearly, or every six months, for a regular teeth cleaning as well as a general dentistry exam. Through holistic, high-tech teeth cleanings, our highly trained and...

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April 08, 2016

"You saved my life!".  These words are not something that a hygienist gets to hear on a regular basis, but yesterday, Talia Strain RDH heard these words from a guest that came in for her routine cleaning.  The last time Sherrie came in for her cleaning, Talia checked her blood pressure and found that it was a whopping 151/73.  Talia knows from experience that this is danger zone.  She advised Sherrie to see her doctor immediately to have this checked out.  Her doctor informed Sherrie that her blood pressure was certainly at a dangerous level and it was time for medication.  Yesterday, her blood pressure was at a much more reasonable level...

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April 03, 2016

As hockey parents, we’ve seen plenty of boil-and-bite mouthguards dangling from chin straps and being chewed on half outside the mouth while on the ice.

Players are non-compliant at times simply because they don’t like to wear them. They’re uncomfortable, then don’t stay in, and it’s difficult to breathe and/or communicate with teammates.

Custom mouthguardsmade in dental offices or offered as online kits often cost $150 or more (our price is about one third of this). We are working as a family outside office hours to be able to provide an affordable way for local youth athletes to experience the benefits of custom-fit...

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March 27, 2016

Our practice provides a treatment referred to a myofunctional therapy. We describe myofunctional therapy as a program used to treat orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs) that occur when your tongue and facial muscles do not work together correctly. To read our main page on myofunctional therapy click here.

OMDs can adversely affect health in a number of ways including:


  • Malocclusion and TMJ – When facial muscles develop abnormal functions, it can place stress on...
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March 24, 2016

As a follow-up to a recent blog we posted on this topic, we’re sharing here a second video on neuromuscular dentistry that came to our attention. As before, this video was prepared by Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Radio. Our practice has no affiliation with the producers of the video and we provide it here for information only.

Neuromuscular dentistry is an active and thriving area of our practice. Dr. Adler is a leading practitioner in this area of dental specialization. Our office treats patients from throughout the Denver-Boulder area and across the state of Colorado.

Neuromuscular dentistry is effective in treating a...

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March 23, 2016

Neuromuscular Dentistry, sometimes also referred to as TMJ or TMD Dentistry, is an area of specialization at Adler Advanced Dentistry in Boulder, Colorado. In general neuromuscular dentistry deals with problems in the relationship between your teeth, jaw joints and muscles. 

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March 22, 2016

Boulder Sleep Apnea DentistIf you suffer from sleep apnea, a new study is underscoring that your health is at stake. According to researchers in Taiwan, the risk of chronic kidney disease may be increased by sleep apnea. In fact, sleep apnea may bring on chronic kidney disease at a rate far greater than high blood pressure does.

Researchers, using 10 years of data from the nation’s National Health Insurance Research Database, compared 8,600 sleep...

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March 10, 2016

Boulder Emergency Dentist - Adler Advanced DentistryEmergency dental visits happen to everyone from time to time, often due to an unexpected accident or trauma to the mouth. It's time-saving and a relief to have an emergency dentist already on your speed dial if something unexpectedly pops up between regular checkups. But there's one day a year that sees an abnormally-large increase in emergency dental visits: March 18, or the day after St. Patrick's Day.

While it would seem...

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February 16, 2016

Boulder Invisalign Preferred Provider - Adler Advanced DentistryMore and more people are discovering the benefits of the Invisalign® clear braces system. With Invisalign®, you can have the straight, properly aligned teeth you have always wanted without the ugly metal brackets and bands. Invisalign® treatment is faster than traditional braces and most people won’t even realize you’re having your teeth straightened while you’re undergoing Invisalign...

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