The Worst Halloween Candies for Teeth

Halloween is really a kickoff for a season full of sweet treats. Although the best way to fight cavities is to abstain from treats altogether, trick-or-treating and holiday sweets are an important way for your kids to have fun with their peers and family members, forming lifelong bonds and fond childhood memories. But that doesn’t change the fact that, as a parent, you want to protect your children’s teeth from cavities. Our experienced family dentistry team understands and wants to help you know which candies are better for teeth and gums.

Consider the best and worst Halloween candies below:

Bad: Sticky candy. Chewy, sticky treats latch onto your teeth. The longer the candy stays in your mouth, the longer the bacteria in your mouth will be able to feast upon it and produce cavity causing acids. Examples include Milk Duds, Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts and taffy.

Bad: Slow-dissolving candy. Lollipops, jawbreakers and candy that takes a long time to dissolve in your mouth allows bacteria to feast on it for the entirety of that duration, creating an acidic environment that can lead to tooth decay.

Bad: Sour candies. The high acid content of sour candy can erode tooth enamel.

Better: Sugar-free candy. Alternative sweeteners go a long way in preventing tooth decay.

Better: Chocolate. Plain chocolate dissolves quickly and isn’t too sticky compared to other Halloween candies. Dark chocolate is an especially good option because it has less added sugar than milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Better: Candies that dissolve quickly. Quick-melting, non-sticky candy like Smarties are a good option because they clear out of the mouth faster than other candies.

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