Let’s talk probiotics

Let’s talk Probiotics


Most of us have at least some knowledge of gut probiotics- the kind that is found in yogurt and grocery store probiotics supplements. But did you know that there are specific probiotics for your mouth? The beneficial bacterium that normally occurs in a healthy mouth is called Streptococcus Salivarius.  For some people, this bacteria is out of balance- just like what can happen in your gut.   By adding more of the good bacteria, we can shift the balance in our mouths dramatically. 


Introducing this bacteria into our mouths can prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even bad morning breath.  You may be asking yourself “how did they develop this healthy bacteria?” The company found people with perfect lifetime oral health.  This means they never had a cavity or gum disease despite their oral hygiene routine.  When they tested their oral bacteria, they found these people all had one thing in common.  They all had higher amount of the Streptococcus Salivarius bacterium.  They took and cultured these bacteria and came up with a strain called Streptococcus Salivarius DDS 18 (healthy mouth bacteria).


S Salivarius DDS 18 can make a huge difference in your oral health.  In fact, last week we saw one of our guests named Lisa.  Lisa has struggled with periodontal disease for her entire adult life.  She comes in for her cleanings faithfully every two months and is dedicated to her home care.  Despite her efforts and the efforts of Talia (our hygienist), she still had a significant amount of tarter build up and bleeding at every cleaning.  Lisa was getting really frustrated because she consistently coming in for her cleanings, and her oral health was not improving. Talia suggested she start taking the oral probiotics.  Lisa’s last cleaning was a different story.  She arrived with noticeably less tartar build up and less bleeding for the first time!  We were all amazed and happy for her.  She has finally found a way to get some control over her oral health.


Periodontal disease is something that plagues so many of us and can be very frustrating and expensive to treat.  Who would have thought that by simply changing the oral flora, we can make such a dramatic difference?  If you are looking for a holistic way to treat heavy tartar build up, periodontal disease, or even bad morning breath, you may consider giving these a try.  You simply chew 1 peppermint flavored tablet after you brush your teeth at night before bed.  You can pick these up at your next cleaning or just stop by during business hours.  They are 28.00 for a 2 month supply.  I’ve been checking for them at Whole Foods and other health food stores but these are the only ones I have ever come across.  Good luck and I would love to hear your probiotic success stories!


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