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Boulder Dental Group | Full Mouth Restoration

When Hans first came to the Boulder dental group of Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry he was ready for a change. Hans had had fillings, crowns, root canals, and extractions in the past and he wasn’t happy with how his teeth looked or felt. He had lost teeth on the lower right side and had trouble chewing. Hans wanted to have his smile completely made over so it was functional. He also wanted his smile to look great. Hans is a very friendly outgoing guy with an active lifestyle and he needed a smile that matched his personality.

Boulder Colorado Dentist | Elizabeths New Smile

In revisiting some of our favorite case studies of the recent past we were reminded of Elizabeth. Elizabeth had just moved to Colorado and was ready for a new smile to go with her new start.

Elizabeth came to see Dr. Adler based on recommendations from friends. She wanted to improve the appearance of some of her restorations. More than anything she wanted her whole smile to look good and balanced.

Dentists in Boulder Colorado

Below is a new version of a blog and case study from a number of months back. When we first featured this story we learned how Kelsy’s smile didn’t match her otherwise bright and outgoing personality. In seems that one of her front teeth had been chipped from a past injury and over time had become discolored. The image below shows this.

New Porcelain Bridges Gives Patients Smile Back

Sandra was not satisfied with how her smile looked. She was very self conscious about it and tried to avoid smiling which did not go along with her sweet and cheerful personality. Sandra had two old porcelain fused to metal bridges on her front teeth and they made her teeth look dark and small. She could also see the metal in the bridge making a dark line across her gum line. Sandra came to Dr. Adler of Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry because she wanted a smile that she could be proud of.

Make Healthy Teeth Your New Years Resolution

Start out the New Year right by getting the smile you have always wanted.  Treat yourself to a straighter and brighter smile for the New Year.  Zoom whitening is a great way to brighten up your smile and get rid of last year’s staining.  Our highly trained staff will get your teeth dramatically whiter while you lay back and relax.  If you have always wanted straight teeth but didn’t want traditional braces, then Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing.  Straighter teeth not only look better but are also healthier and easier to maintain.  This year make you


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