White Dental Fillings in Boulder

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Cavities are a fairly common general dentistry problem for children and adults alike. Using white fillings, Boulder dentist Dr. Michael Adler can treat and repair dental cavities caused by tooth decay, restoring your dental health without the use of unsightly metal fillings. To schedule your appointment at Adler Advanced Dentistry, please call us at .

Benefits of White Dental Fillings

Dr. Adler uses advanced dental materials, including white fillings, that he knows will provide our guests with benefits. Some of the advantages of white fillings vs. metal fillings are:

  • Natural, tooth-colored appearance
  • Matched to your natural tooth color for a seamless result
  • Free of mercury
  • Durable chemical bond to your enamel
  • Conserves more natural tooth structure compared to metal fillings

Traditional metal amalgam fillings contain elemental mercury. Many of our guests feel strongly about avoiding potentially toxic materials, and our dentist and team feel the same way. Although the FDA maintains that amalgam fillings are safe to use, it is a fact that metal fillings release very low levels of mercury vapor, which you may then inhale. At high levels, mercury vapor is harmful to the brain and kidneys. Although metal fillings do not release these high levels of vapor, our guests prefer to avoid the material altogether.


White fillings are made of composite resin and are an important restoration in the field of holistic dentistry. This material is metal and mercury free. Composite resin is matched to the current color of your teeth, so it eliminates the issue of unattractive metal color sticking out in your smile. White fillings also do not expand and contract like metal fillings do, so temperature changes in your mouth don't run the risk of cracking the composite material.

Restoring Teeth Health with White Fillings

A white filling fills the cavity created by tooth decay. When a cavity develops, the decay must be stopped to prevent further damage to your tooth, gums and supporting bones. Your cavity will be cleaned out, and then Dr. Adler will fill in the area of damage with the composite resin filling. These white fillings can last for many years and effectively protect a tooth after being treated for decay.

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