Cosmetic Dentistry

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The healthy, attractive smile of your dreams is within reach. At Adler Advanced Dentistry, experienced Boulder cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Adler provides award-winning, nationally recognized dentistry.

As a cosmetic dentist trained at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Dr. Adler possesses advanced post-graduate training and is personally committed to an individualized approach to your care. To schedule a free consultation with Dr. Adler, please call (303) 449-1119 .

Cosmetic Dentistry Services at Adler Advanced Dentistry

Boulder Cosmetic Dentistry - After imageBoulder Cosmetic Dentistry - Before imageDr. Adler offers a wide array of treatment options to address just about any common cosmetic dental problem you may experience. Depending on your unique individual needs, he may recommend one or more of the following procedures:

In the past, glamorous smiles were thought of as belonging only to movie stars and celebrities. That's because it was often very costly, and you had to essentially be wealthy in order to afford it. Cosmetic dentistry has changed. Most cosmetic dentistry procedures at Adler Advanced Dentistry are very affordable. Even the more complex procedures can easily be financed by a wide variety of lending companies that specifically work with dental practices. If you're interested, be sure to ask us about available financing options.

Cosmetic dentistry can make you more attractive, restore self-esteem and give you an increased confidence in life. It has literally changed millions of people's lives! Consider these points:

  • Your smile can be seen beyond 300 feet
  • Smiles are valuable in human interaction – 92 percent of people perceive a smile as a valuable asset (survey result)
  • People age 18 to 49 chose "sexy smile most appealing" in the opposite sex (survey result)
  • An appealing smile = straight, white teeth with full lips (survey result)
  • Almost 50 percent of adults seek improvements in their smiles
  • 74 percent of men and women believe an unattractive smile negatively impacts career success

You deserve to look and feel great when you smile. You should not have to cover your smile in embarrassment or stifle the urge to share your laugh and your smile with other people. With cosmetic dentistry carefully tailored to you, you can have the smile you deserve.

Choosing a Comprehensive Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Boulder cosmetic dentist patient | Adler Advanced DentistryDr. Adler provides cosmetic dentistry that creates a stunning smile without sacrificing the optimal function of your teeth. Most of the cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by Dr. Adler improve smile aesthetics while also improving your bite, facial profile, and your ability to chew and speak.

A comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry means looking at what is causing the cosmetic symptom, and making sure all aspects of your dental health are addressed. We want you to have teeth and gums that are not only attractive, but strong and healthy. We also avoid using any toxic or harmful material, such as BPA and metal. The dental crowns, fillings and other restorations at our practice are metal-free.

We empower you to make choices about cosmetic dentistry and dental care. After meeting with you for an in-depth discussion of your goals and an assessment of your dental health, we will recommend a range of treatments and treatment alternatives that will be a good fit. We want you to feel confident making informed decisions about any treatments you choose to pursue.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Adler's Boulder cosmetic dentistry treatments, please call Adler Advanced Dentistry at (303) 449-1119 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.