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A nerve block is a procedure to stop pain transmission through anesthesia to the nerve. In an SPG block, an anesthetic agent is administered to the collection of nerves in the ganglion. The least invasive way to access the SPG is through the nose.

The video below is an account from one of our patients about her experience with SPG block treatment in our office.



This 4 minute video recounts this patient’s experience with an SPG block treatment for relief of severe pain symptoms. Trigeminal neuralgia, migraine headaches, and cluster headaches are some of the pain syndromes that SPG block treatments have been used to effectively treat.

According to the patient, “The SPG block was pain-free. I was expecting to feel pain, but no nothing. Honestly I was able to breathe and swallow. I do feel that overall this has been the best course of treatment for myself personally. It has worked 100%. I’ve not had any issue or anything negative that has happened to me from it. It’s been a positive experience.”

For patients interested in learning about SPG block treatments to manage pain we invite you to contact us by telephone at (303) 449-1119. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions and if you’re interested to schedule an appointment for a consultation or treatment. 




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