Is Invisalign® Faster Than Braces?

Invisalign braces on blue background If you dream of having a straighter smile but don’t want to spend years in orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® might be the perfect match. These clear aligners can work much faster than traditional metal braces. 

The average Invisalign treatment takes 12 to 18 months. However, you can start seeing results in just a few weeks. Metal braces, on the other hand, can take between one and three years.

Factors such as the complexity of your case and how often you wear your aligners will impact your total treatment time. Our dentist can give you an estimate based on your exact needs.

Ways to Speed Up Invisalign Treatment

It may seem like you have no control over your orthodontic treatment time. However, that isn’t entirely true. There are a few different ways to make Invisalign® work faster, including:

  • Wearing your aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day
  • Switching to your new aligners as instructed
  • Brushing your teeth regularly to avoid dental problems
  • Taking care of your trays to limit unnecessary replacements
  • Keeping your dental appointments 
  • Using AcceleDent® Aura 

AcceleDent® Aura for Invisalign Patients

Our practice proudly offers AcceleDent® Aura to accelerate your Invislign® treatment. This comfortable and non-invasive device can help straighten your smile in a shorter amount of time.

AcceleDent uses gentle vibrations to speed up the movement of your teeth. It can reduce your Invisalign® treatment time by as much as 50%. Our patients love the time-saving benefits of this device.

Get Treatment Time Estimates Today

Every patient is different. Dr. Michael Adler can determine how long it might take to achieve your smile goals with Invisalign® clear aligners in Boulder. They will likely save you time over braces. 

Call 303-449-1119 to schedule a consultation at Adler Advanced Dentistry. Our modern and inviting dental office serves patients from Denver, Fort Collins, and nearby areas of Colorado.


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