3 Resolutions That Can Improve Your Sleep Apnea

Overweight couple running up stairs together outdoors New Year’s resolutions can help you reach important milestones and boost your quality of life. But did you know that some of them may have the added benefit of improving your sleep apnea? Here are three resolutions that could potentially allow you to breathe easier at night.

1. Lose Weight

Excessive body weight is a risk factor for sleep apnea because it can result in extra tissue in the back of the throat. This tissue is problematic since it can physically restrict the upper airway during sleep. Over half of people living with obstructive sleep apnea are overweight or obese. 

Many studies have shown that weight loss can improve sleep apnea. In some cases, it may even treat the problem entirely. It can be difficult to lose weight when you are getting poor sleep. However, try your best to stay motivated since even a 10% weight loss could help significantly. 

2. Exercise More 

Adding more movement to your daily routine can help you with the goal of losing weight. But that isn’t the only reason to resolve to get more exercise this year. It can also help you combat daytime fatigue by boosting your energy levels. Additionally, exercise is known to increase your oxygen levels, improve your mood, and transform your overall health. Last but not least, getting active will likely make your sleep quality better, even if it’s only for a few minutes each day. 

3. Drink Less Alcohol

Consuming alcoholic beverages can impact sleep apnea in several ways. First, it causes your breaths to become slower and shallower. It may also relax the muscles of your throat. Alcohol even disrupts your natural sleep patterns by changing the time you spend sleeping and falling asleep. It’s best to cut it out completely. If you can’t, be sure not to drink before you go to bed. 

Get Help from a Sleep Apnea Dentist

Lifestyle changes aren’t always enough to get sleep apnea under control. It’s important to work with a sleep apnea dentist who can help you find relief using a custom-made oral appliance. Patients appreciate this alternative to cumbersome and sometimes irritating CPAP machines.

Schedule a consultation at 303-449-1119 to discuss your noninvasive sleep apnea treatment options with our skilled dentist Dr. Michael Adler. Adler Advanced Dentistry proudly welcomes new sleep apnea patients from Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and nearby areas of Colorado.


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