General Dentist Vs. Family Dentist: Is There a Difference?

Boulder general dentist smiles with pediatric patient Choosing a new dentist is a difficult decision, especially if you’re new to town and don’t know the area. There are general dentists, family dentists, and cosmetic dentists as well as orthodontists and so on. If you have little ones, you’re most likely in the market for a family dentist, but what’s the difference between a family dentist and a general dentist?

Family and general dentistry are often viewed as one and the same, but there are some minor differences.


What is a Family Dentist?

Both family and general dentists undergo tedious training through undergraduate and dental school before practicing dentistry, but a family dentist offers services to patients of any age. It’s typically recommended to bring your child in for their first dental exam before they turn one, but many dentists don’t provide dental care for babies, toddlers, and growing children.


A family dentist can teach your children proper dental hygiene habits such as how to brush correctly and discuss how you can encourage good oral health at home. Family dentistry deals with all ages, which means your elderly loved ones can come to the same office as you and your kids. If you have a large family in need of dental care, a family dentist in your area is likely your best option.


Dentistry professionals who work with all ages have extensive experience in addressing dental anxiety in young kids as well as adults. One bad experience (no matter your age) can lead to a lifelong fear of the dentist’s chair.


What is a General Dentist?

General dentists “generally” offer the whole gamut of treatments and procedures to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. A general dentist often has an age cutoff for patients such as patients no younger than 12. That puts a strain on the average family because you have to go to several offices for your family’s dentistry needs.


General and family dentists typically provide these services:


Deciding which dentist is right for your needs takes a little research, and there are often many to choose from in urban areas. Remember to read the reviews of your local dentist to help you figure out the best move for your entire family.


Whether you’re new to the area or are looking to switch to a new dentist, our family and general dentists offer a wide variety of services to patients of any age.


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