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To celebrate the start of summer Dr. Adler of Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has designated the whole month of June to be Invisalign Month. The first five patients who start Invisalign within the month of June will save $500.00 on the cost of their treatment. Even if you are not one of the first five to take advantage of this great deal you will still save $300.00 on the cost of your Invisalign treatment if started in June. Get that great looking smile that you have always wanted while still saving your summer fun money.

Straighter teeth not only look better but are better for you also. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and so less prone to get cavities. I did Invisalign about 4 years ago. I had an overbite, a gap in my front teeth, and a tooth on the low that was rotated. I had wanted to have my teeth straightened for a while but when I got engaged I decided that it was time to have the picture perfect smile I had always wanted. Prior to the start of my Invisalign treatment I had all my cavities filled. I needed more fillings then I care to admit. During my first appointment, impressions were taken of my teeth. This was easier said then done since I had a gag reflex that was active that day.

The impressions were sent to Invisalign where they created a computer generated model of my teeth, known as a ClinCheck, showing how each aligner was going to move my teeth. This Clincheck was shown to me so the doctor and I could make any changes to the treatment plan before the aligner were actually fabricated. It was fascinating to see how my teeth would be transformed during treatment to the final results. Once the ClinCheck was approved by the doctor, Invisalign fabricated all of my aligners. It was important for me to have my fillings done before treatment started because all the aligners are created at the beginning and any changes to my teeth could have resulted in the aligners not fitting properly.

My Perfect Smile for My Perfect Day

Once the aligners arrived, clear “buttons” were bonded to selected teeth. “Buttons” are small dots of composite resin that help the aligners to move selected teeth into the proper position. IPR (inter proximal reduction) was also done at this and other appointments. IPR is where the dentist removes a very minuscule amount from between certain teeth to allow them the room to move properly. Placing the buttons and doing the IPR was quick and painless. I wore my aligners 24/7 except to take them out to brush and eat. It was great. No one knew I was wearing them and I could still eat and clean my teeth like normal. I would change the aligners every 2-3 weeks. They would feel tight at first but by the time it was time to change them, they felt loose and comfortable. I got to the point where it felt strange not to have my aligners in. I could even see the changes in my teeth throughout treatment.

I was engaged for a year and also did Invisalign for a year. Once treatment was over, the buttons were removed and I only had to wear my retainers at night to keep my teeth from shifting back. The retainers are like traditional retainers. They are exactly like the last aligners but don’t have the button attachment bumps and are of a sturdier material. It was easy and pain free. I was done with treatment in time for my wedding and I had the picture perfect smile that I always wanted just in time for my perfect day.

If you want to see my results just ask for Kim, I work as both front office and dental assistant for Dr. Adler at Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.


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