Fractured Tooth Restored with CEREC Crown

Donna’s Fractured Tooth

Donna has been a long time patient of Dr. Adler of Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. Donna had a white composite filling in one of her upper left back molars, tooth #15, which had begun to fracture the tooth. If left untreated the fracture could continue to spread down the tooth and into the pulp chamber of the tooth causing infection. Symptoms for fractured teeth can vary. Fractured teeth can be intermittently painful even when small and occasionally have no pain at all. Usually patients will notice that they are having pressure sensitivity and sometime sensitive to hot and cold. Not wanting to wait until the problem required a root canal or possible loss of the tooth, Donna was eager to treat the problem. Dr. Adler recommended treating the fractured tooth with a CEREC porcelain restoration. Dr. Adler is able to design the restorations to remove a little of the natural tooth as needed.

Tooth #15 Before – note fractures

Dr. Adler used an interoral camera to get a closer look at the fractured area. Luckily it appeared that the fracture did not extend into the pulp chamber or split the tooth entirely. Dr. Adler removed decay and prepped the tooth for the crown. The prepped tooth is coated with a reflective powder and then optical images of the tooth are transmitted to the CEREC where they are turned into a digital 3-D model. Dr. Adler then designs the crown on the CEREC and sends the image of the crown to the in office milling unit. The crown is fabricated during the appointment from a solid block of porcelain. Patients can even watch as their crown is made. Donna’s crown was designed to contain any part of the fracture that was not removed during the prep. Fractures can extend into the tooth below the margin of the tooth.

Tooth #15 with the CEREC Crown

Due to this reason, Dr. Adler doesn’t “chase” the fracture during the preparation but designs the crown to best stabilize the tooth and contain the fractured areas.  The crown is chemically bonded to the tooth using the highest quality bonding agent and cement. The chemical bonding works with the crown to insure that the fracture is contained and will not continue to fracture. The porcelain restoration is very strong and durable in addition to looking great. Now Donna has a great looking tooth that looks natural and she doesn’t have to worry about losing her tooth to an out of control fracture.


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