“You Saved My Life”

“You saved my life!”. These words are not something that a hygienist gets to hear on a regular basis, but yesterday, Talia Strain RDH heard these words from a guest that came in for her routine cleaning. The last time Sherrie came in for her cleaning, Talia checked her blood pressure and found that it was a whopping 151/73. Talia knows from experience that this is danger zone. She advised Sherrie to see her doctor immediately to have this checked out. Her doctor informed Sherrie that her blood pressure was certainly at a dangerous level and it was time for medication. Yesterday, her blood pressure was at a much more reasonable level of 136/67.

You may be asking yourself why a dental hygienist is bothering with such things as blood pressure? Aren’t they supposed to just clean your teeth? Here at Adler Advanced Dentistry we like to take a whole body approach to your dental health. We realize that most people may see their primary care physician for a blood pressure check once every 1-2 years while we see them every 6 months. Why would we NOT check? This seems like it should be a requirement in the dental world but sadly it is not. The words “you saved my life” are worth the extra 2-4 minutes it takes to do a quick blood pressure check.


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