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Recently, Dr. Adler, Heather and I (Kim) went to the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) in Las Vegas, Nevada for continuing education and training. We were only there for four days but were able to gain a surprising amount of valuable information in that short amount of time. The continuing education and training was focused on Orthodontics in Conjunction with Neuromuscular Dentistry. Having worked with Dr. Adler for several years now, I was comfortable with the information regarding the neuromuscular aspect but how it related to Orthodontics was a new twist. It was fascinating to understand how orthodontics could be used to not only straighten teeth (as it has traditionally been used) but also to correct the bite and even prevent future TMJ issues if treatment is started early enough.

Orthodontics is very hands on for the assistants. The majority of appointments are spent almost entirely with the assistant. This is great for the assistant because we get the chance to spend time with our patients regularly and really develop a good working relationship with them. Because orthodontics is very hands on, LVI had the assistants practicing their skills at placing brackets, bands, wires and ligatures in addition to other exercises. This was great because it allowed us to apply the techniques and tools that we had already learned about in lectures. The lectures went over a wide range of information from placement of brackets and appliances to types of materials and instruments to use. The assistants also got a chance to sit in with the doctors during some of their lectures so we could better understand the reasoning behind some of the doctor’s treatment decisions. Orthodontics is an exciting new aspect of Dr. Adler’s practice that the entire team is ready be involved in.

Dr. Adler continues to expand his abilities and his teams’ skills so that he can offer the best treatment available to his patients. Orthodontics has a wide variety of cases where is can be an extremely beneficial and valuable tool in Dr. Adler’s arsenal of skills and techniques. Dr. Adler’s strives to be on the cutting edge of new dental technologies and techniques and believes that continuing education for himself and his staff is an important way to achieve this goal.


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