Full Mouth Reconstruction Remakes Smile

Over the years, Rachael spent a lot of time in the dental chair patching one tooth at a time. When she came to Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, her bite was not feeling right and she was not happy with her smile. She wanted her teeth to look natural, have healthy teeth and gums, and most of all to have a smile that would last her a lifetime. When Dr. Adler met Rachael he noted that she had several issues that needed to be addressed. Rachael had alignment issues, she had a deep bite and her midline was off center. She also presented with loose teeth, multiple cavities, crowding, wear, periodontal problems, gum height variations and her teeth were different shades. Dr Adler also noticed a forward head posture and the patient informed him she suffers from migraines.

Rachael’s alignment issues, forward head posture, loose teeth, wear, off center midline, and migraines were strong indications that her bite was not in its correct position. Giving Rachael a correct bite and restoring all of her teeth at one time would alleviate the problems that she faced. In order to correct her bite problems and give Rachael the smile she always wanted and deserved, Dr. Adler recommended neuromuscular dentistry in conjunction with aesthetic and functional dentistry.

Rachael’s treatment began with neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Adler did a K7 evaluation with TENS to determine her correct bite. Based on the information gathered during the K7 evaluation, a fixed orthotic splint was fabricated and bonded to Rachael’s lower anterior teeth. The orthotic would maintain her ideal bite position until the full mouth restorations were completed. The full mouth restorations consisted of a root canal, placement of carbon fiber posts, preparation and bonding of 22 porcelain crowns, tissue re-contouring and custom shading. The root canal eliminated any infection in the tooth and the carbon fiber posts gave the additional support and stability needed for the crowns on teeth with root canals. When performing the tissue re-contouring, Dr. Alder used a diode laser to reshape the tissue around the teeth to make Rachael’s smile even, symmetrical and natural.

Due to the extensive nature of the preparation, the case was sent to Aurum Ceramic Dental Lab for fabrication of the crowns. The teeth were prepared in a single visit for the convenience of the patient. Preparing the teeth in a single visit also allowed Aurum to construct the crowns in relationship to her proper and newly established bite, and not just as individual teeth. Using Aurum insured that her smile was not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional and in the proper bite. Rachael now has a beautiful, comfortable smile that will last a lifetime.


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