Adler Advanced Dentistry Patient Reviews

Boulder Dentist Serving Denver, Ft. Collins & Nearby Areas in Colorado

My experience has been that I am in super competent hands.  My situation, my dentistry challenges, had left me in chronic issues, anxiety, chronic pain, and distress.  I am so relieved to have found such kindness, professionalism, and genuine care in the Adler team.

Compassionate, painless dentistry, respectful of the patient’s wishes and solicitous of the patient’s comfort.  This is the office that finally cured my childhood dental visit anxieties.  Asa a result, my teeth and gums are healthier than ever! And Dr. Adler’s office is always athe the leading edge.  

I always appreciate getting to try the latest “gadgets”- the Cavitron Plus was a very pleasant, an improvement over the Piezo Scaler.  Thank you for selling me the SonicCare Pro- I look forward to trying it just as soon as I’m back from the roller derby tournament in Indiana!

This is a dental team that really cares about its patients!  Highly recommended!