Adler Advanced Dentistry Patient Reviews

Boulder Dentist Serving Denver, Ft. Collins & Nearby Areas in Colorado

Thank you Dr. Adler and team! You are all so Awesome!!! Very happy! :-)

Excellent dental care. I always receive very thorough cleanings, and better than average attention to tooth and gum problems. Dr. Adler's dental clinic is the best in professional care, and everyone is friendly consistently

I experience. Dr and staff always friendly and patient. I don't always love dentists/sharp things in my mouth by they are great at alleviating my fears.

Friendly office personnel. Professionally astute dental hygienist.

My first visit to Dr. Adler's office was for dental cleaning and I can say the whole visit was a pleasant experience. The staff is very friendly and personable and they answered my many questions with a smile. My second visit was to replace an old filling. And even though this visit included drilling!!! the experience was very comfortable. Stacia explained every step of the procedure and was checking whether I was OK. I did not experience any discomfort and the new filling fits perfectly.

Over the last three years I have had regular cleanings, cavity fillings, crowns, a fibroma lasered off my gum, a huge complicated incredibly infected root canal done and tooth saved! My mouth is almost completely caught up from a decade of missing my brother, my dentist back home in Indiana. I had two other dentists for the decade before I found Dr. Adler and had grown afraid of major work. But not anymore! All of the work Dr. Adler has done has been successful and looks and feels great! I am happy to have found a forever dentist for my myself and my family. I trust Dr. Adler completely based on his consistent standards of excellence. Everybody that works in the office is so nice! I love going to the dentist now, finally!

What a friendly office. I always receive a high level of attention from Dr. Adler. 20+ years and my smile was never better.

If you need your gums cut open on purpose and a chunk of tissue grafted on from the top of your mouth, this is the place to go. The staff is professional and efficient.

I had invisalign for a year and when the treatment was complete I told Dr. Adler I didn't feel the bite was right nor had the teeth been moved into the desired position. Dr. Adler stepped right up and had the compny make 6 more months of retainers with out any problems or charges. Good Business!

“This was the Greatest dentist experience I've ever had. No wait, very professional, kind, and gentle.  Doctor kept close tabs on how I felt during treatment. Hygienist was equally considerate and professional. I have brought my son here as well for braces and he had a great experience as well.  I would recommend Dr Adler and team to everyone. Finally a good dentist.”