Adler Advanced Dentistry Patient Reviews

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Had a great experience as always with the staff.  The dental assistant who did my work was excellent: professional, gentle and informative.  She is an excellent addition to the practice.  But what's with the water they squirt in your mouth?  It is bitter and foul tasting.  I asked the assistant about this and I was informed it was some "pill" they put in the container to "purify" the water.  I assume the origin of the water is the city water line which should be pure and clean, but the tablet they put in the water is horrible and in my case they were squirting in over 90 minutes, while I gagged away most of the time.  If you really need something to purify the water how about something that is tasteless or at least has a pleasant taste.  This is something new because I was in in June and the water was just fine.  

Thank you so much for a relatively painless experience.  Your office and personnel are wonderful.  Especially Heather who always makes me feel at home and well cared for, she is amazing!  I am looking forward to my next phase of ortho advances.  

Thanks again Heather. You made the  experience painless !..I told my daughter about your office and confirmed what was originally told to me about how nice everyone was!..Rest assured, I will make sure my daughter takes those $50 referral cards and gives out to others. I still cant believe how pleasant this was!!! (maybe I should break another tooth just to visit you folks again- hehe)

Professional and compassionate staff take care of all your needs. Dr. Adler can take care of all your dental needs. He never seems rushed and will fully explain what procedure you need and why. He recently did a difficult extraction on one of my wisdom teeth and I never had any pain or swelling. I was shocked and very pleased how easy the entire procedure was, which speaks to Dr. Adler's expertise and skills. I would only use Adler Dentistry and suggest you check it out for yourself.


Adler Dentistry is super proactive in their approach to dental care.  The staff is super friendly and organized.  I went in for a filling and was done within 20 minutes!
~ Jenna

Our family loves Adler Dentistry!  Everyone in the office is super friendly and professinoal.  All the dental treatments we get are A plus!

Our entire family sees Dr Adler and we have nothing but rave reviews. I had some pretty serious dental issues about two years ago and his skill and expertise saved my front teeth. My 4 years old son had a bad experience with a different pediatric dentist. We switched to Dr Adler and he went to school bragging about his fun time at the dentist. It's a great place!

I was a bit skeptical about the neuromuscular dentistry treatment for my TMJ, but it does work.  It's non invasive (a huge plus) and while you can't see results immediately, it is worth it to be patient and go regularly.  Dr. Adler, Carly, and Heather are very warm and understanding, even when I'm the cranky patient.  It's an expensive treatment modality, but it works.  Highly recommend.  

Great atmosphere, communicated treatment and dental issues clearly, good sense of humor, I have found my new dentist! 

My visit on April 1, 2016 was excellent with Talia as all of my visits are.  I have been going to Adler Dentistry for 23 yrs now, and never experienced an unpleasant visit.  Michael is a superb dentist, and all of the staff is professional and very courteous.