What Myofunctional Therapy Can Do For You

Myofunctional therapy Myofunctional therapy is a way to retrain the facial muscles to correct a number of issues. While it cannot replace all professional procedures, it can be an instrumental way to relieve oral and facial conditions. It’s especially recommended for people struggling with sleep, hygiene, or aesthetics. We’ll look at what this branch of dentistry can do for you and why it’s become increasingly recommended by healthcare professionals.

Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy teaches you how to move your mouth, face, and throat. Strengthening these muscles with straightforward exercises aims to decrease symptoms that can interfere with your daily life. Here’s what you can expect if you sign up for this treatment:

  • New patterns: We all get stuck in bad habits, but some are easier to correct than others. At Adler Advanced Dentistry, we teach patients how to coordinate their muscles to improve their posture.
  • Better breathing: Stronger muscles translate to better breathing. With myofunctional exercises, the airways can open because your tissues are no longer collapsing. This is a particularly important benefit for anyone who struggles with sleep apnea. This condition not only leads to snoring but can increase the risk of anything from diabetes to depression.
  • More symmetrical appearance: When you reshape how you breathe, you also reshape your face. While this process takes time, the therapy can teach you to breathe through your nose, so you’re not narrowing your dental arches and elongating your face.
  • Less time at the dentist: Strong muscles in the cheeks and jaw make for straighter teeth and a more aligned bite. This can potentially help you avoid anything from mouthguards to braces.

Talk to a Dentist About Myofuctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing when you partner with the right practice. If you’re looking for professionals who can help, the team at Adler Advanced Dentistry can tell you more about whether you or someone you love is a good candidate for the exercises.

Dr. Michael Adler and his associate, Dr. Ross, are committed to helping every patient obtain their greatest oral health. To find out more or tell us about the conditions that you’re struggling with, call 303-449-1119 or fill out a contact form today.


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