Patient Review of Boulder Dentist Dr. Michael Adler

Note: The following is a review we recently received from a paitent with permission to post it to our website.

I have had dental issues since the age of 9. My front tooth was accidentally compromised by a closing door and it was downhill from there. Root canal. Trying to match crown after crown. At 20, I finally got lucky. I found Dr. Moini, a prosthodontist in DC on the faculty at Georgetown. He was very particular about my gum tissue and the shape, and for a decade, I had my teeth back. However, after 10 years, my crown started to discolor, and I had moved from DC and I needed a new crown. I chose the first dentist – a self proclaimed dentist to the stars on Central Park West. He damaged my gums so badly with his attempt at a front crown that my damage became permanent. After weeks of trying to repair with no luck, I found another dentist who changed out the crown, but my teeth slowly became worse.


My straight teeth (braces in 4th and 10th grade) started to shift and the gum became increasingly more inflamed. After a few years, I noticed my teeth were all shifting to the left. I went from dentist to prosthodontist. I was told I needed to replace all 4 front teeth to match them better. One dentist told me to just stop trying to fix your teeth, what’s the point at your age? (I was 32 at the time). Another prosthodontist, actually two others, told me that everything was good enough. Don’t compromise your teeth anymore. They wouldn’t touch it.

I had very little hope that I could find a dentist who not only cared about fixing my teeth, but had care for the entire process. I knew the health of the gum tissue was 75% of it – and most dentists I met made small attempts to make the tissue less inflamed but they only made it worse. So I pretty much gave up my gums which became increasingly worse and my teeth overlapped.

My gum was so inflammed, I started digging in to really find someone. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Adler. I discovered Dr. Adler had studied at Georgetown under Dr. Moini, the one dentist who had actually helped me years ago. At the beginning, Adler spent a great deal of just discussing my case and what he could do. He immediately put me at ease with his incredible knowledge about the gum tissue, crowns but more importantly, he showed his incredibly committment to quality when it comes to his work. He uses mathematical precision and decades of knowledge and use cases to get the best possible outcome.

My gums started to heal. I was so shocked when I first saw it that I started to look at old pictures and couldn’t believe the difference. I also had invisalign, and while I was reluctant at first, after 4 weeks I saw the shift and knew it would work.

I’m so appreciative to have found Dr. Adler and his team and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. It’s rare to find someone so experienced and someone who relentlessly pursues new methods and technology in the same dentist. I was so jaded about finding someone who could actually help me and Dr. Adler did.


P. S. His secret weapons are his assistants and Carly. They are so understanding, so helpful and so competent and the good energy flows through the office.


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