Migraine Headaches and TMJ

Migraine Headaches and TMJ - Boulder dentist
Migraines and other forms of head-pain impact the lives of 1 in 5 Americans. There are a hundred different types and causes of headaches, but your teeth and jaw might actually be to blame for yours. Grinding your teeth, ringing in your ears, and chronic headaches all point towards a TMJ disorder. Sometimes this is an easy fix, while other times it can require surgery.

The Trigeminal Nerve is the central nerve in your face, and connects to the temporomandibular joint. If either of these nerves are injured or disrupted, then migraines can be the result. TMJ disorder can cause more than a headache. It can cause dizziness, pain in your neck, and clicking or popping in your jaw.

Head-pain caused by TMJ usually doesn’t respond to traditional medications. If your face or jaw has ever been injured in an accident, you’re more likely to have TMJ. The only way to know if this is the cause of your migraines is by speaking with a board-certified dentist. Dr. Adler has extensive experience diagnosing and treating TMJ, and he will be able to determine whether the muscles and nerves in your face are to blame for your headaches.

Migraines can put you out of work for hours or days. They severely impact your quality of life over time, and the best way to get your migraines manageable is to find out why they’re happening. Pay attention to the food you’re eating and what you’re doing when the pain comes along. If you’ve never had headaches or migraines before, there is probably a treatable option to end your pain.

If you’re concerned that TMJ could be the cause of your migraines, call Adler Advanced Dentistry in Boulder today at (303) 449-1119 today to schedule an appointment. Our office proudly serves patients in Boulder, Denver, Longmont, and surrounding Colorado areas. 


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