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Below is a new version of a blog and case study from a number of months back. When we first featured this story we learned how Kelsy’s smile didn’t match her otherwise bright and outgoing personality. In seems that one of her front teeth had been chipped from a past injury and over time had become discolored. The image below shows this.

  kelsy teeth before image by boulder cosmetic dentist Michael Adler

Kelsy Before

After a consultation and exam with Boulder, Colorado cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Adler, he recommended applying Zoom Whitening to brighten up her smile. Additionally he recommended placing restorations on both front teeth. Although only one of the front teeth was discolored, it is extremely difficult to restore a single front tooth and have the shape, size, and color match the tooth next to it. The best aesthetic result would be achieved by restoring both front teeth in this case. The image below illustrates the beautiful result.

  kelsy teeth after image by boulder cosmetic dentist Michael Adler

Kelsy After

Additional information about the ZOOM Whitening System is available on our website by clicking here. The results are typically 2-3 shades lighter than originally. Some people have even better results than that. Kelsy’s results were the dramatic white smile we were looking for without looking unnaturally bright.

Aurum Dental Laboratories in Las Vegas are known for their high quality work and attention to detail. Kelsy’s restorations were given the same personalized attention that we have come to expect from Aurum. The crowns were custom fabricated not only to match her existing teeth in color but also given the size and shape to best compliment her face and give her smile an overall aesthetic appeal.

  kelsy teeth after smile by boulder cosmetic dentist Michael Adler

Kelsy with a beautiful smile to match her personality.

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