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I first met Dr. Michael Adler when he opened his dental practice in Boulder in the late 1980s. Soon after I became a patient. Today my entire family relies on Dr. Adler and his staff for their dental care.

I’ve learned to watch for and take notice of people who are well placed in their professions, whether it be in medicine, finance, technology, education, entertainment, or virtually any area of specialization. Often these people stand out almost immediately upon meeting them. The passion they have for their work shows in the way they speak, their continuing pursuit of improvement, and in other ways unique to each person.

My experience with Dr. Michael Adler confirms he’s among these exceptionally well placed professionals in the field of dentistry. His office features some of the most advanced technologies available in modern dentistry. Perhaps even more important and telling is his continuing investment in advanced trainings to not only remain current with the most modern advancements in dentistry, but to actually stay on the leading edge of them.





















Case Studies

Dr. Adler’s website contains many case studies with before and after photos. Especially impressive are case studies where patients completely transformed the appearance of their smiles. The before and after pictures are remarkable. Patients whose smiles have deteriorated through years of wear are transformed with new and perfect smiles fit for movie stars.  

The before and after smiles display more than just an aesthetic improvement. The “after treatment” photos show not only an often dramatic improvement in appearance, but the faces of the people seem to even glow with full, genuine smiles.



At times I wondered whether such a treatment might be appropriate and possible for me. My teeth had been worn down over the years and I avoided smiling. My smile was not a strong aspect of my appearance. Following some discussion with Dr. Adler the decision to move ahead with treatment was made. I would have what’s referred to as a “full mouth restoration” in combination with “neuromuscular dentistry.” My bite function would be optimized and then my smile would be completely remade.

I didn’t reach the decision overnight or lightly. I did research. I also had confidence in Dr. Adler’s skills and had seen pictures of the results he produced. I knew about the advanced training he’d received for treating dental cases similar to mine. Some of his work had been presented for peer review and won awards.



Treatment began with neuromuscular dentistry. My basic understanding of neuromuscular dentistry is that it seeks to optimize a person’s bite, the way teeth come together when chewing.  An improper bite could have been a factor in the excessive wear I’d placed on my teeth in the past.

For some people a misaligned bite can cause pain and other undesirable symptoms. Fortunately I’d not experienced pain but the wear on my teeth was evident. Taking the time to better position my bite could help prevent pain or other symptoms in the future. It could also mean that the restorations I’d be having would not be as susceptible to stress and therefore wear better going forward. A better overall restoration would be achieved.

Electronic measurements were made of my bite prior to beginning a series of in office treatments. From these initial measurements it was determined where my bite was at the start of treatment, and where it should ideally be.

An orthotic was placed inside my mouth. It gradually shifted my bite function into its desired permanent position. The orthotic inside my mouth caused no discomfort or inconvenience. I could eat and chew food normally. A series of in-office treatments using a tensing unit helped bring about the change in my bite. The repositioned way my teeth came together felt natural and comfortable.

Eventually my teeth were prepped for the permanent restorations, impressions of my mouth were made and the permanent replacements were ordered. The restorations would come from a laboratory that specializes in high aesthetic quality dental restorations. I was able to see and approve the color of the restorations. There were actually three color shades progressing from the base of the tooth restorations to the tip, the tip being the lightest. A natural looking restoration was achieved even including tooth translucence at the tip of teeth which normally have this appearance.

Once the permanent restorations were available from the lab an appointment was scheduled for the final placements. I’d already seen photographs of the actual restorations on a model and they looked great. The appointment for the final restorations took several hours but required no effort from me. Dr. Adler and his assistant did all the work. At this point I was confident in the outcome and was looking forward to enjoying my new smile.


The Results

The entire inside of my mouth is now fresh and new. It’s as though time has been rolled backward. My teeth and smile look great and everything feels very natural.

Since the full mouth restoration process has completed people have complimented me on my smile. Perhaps the highest compliment has come from my teenage daughter. “Dad you really should smile more now, your teeth look so white!” She even brags about me to her friends. Once she asked me to text her a smiling snapshot of myself so she could show her school classmates.

It’s wonderful to be able to smile without reservation. In family photographs now I’m the guy that’s smiling. Why not, there’s no reason not to. The ability to smile when the occasion arises, it’s hard to put a value on that.






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