Can Dental Implants Replace Dentures?

Boulder woman replaces old dentures with dental implants Dental implants are typically a fantastic alternative to traditional dentures. For many years, there were only two options: Bare gums or dentures, but you have more choices now thanks to advances in implant dentistry. Dental implants or implant-supported dentures securely fasten your bridge of artificial teeth to your jaw and act just like natural teeth, restoring bite function and allowing you to eat whatever you want without being self-conscious.

The Problems with Ill-Fitting Dentures

Many of the problems associated with dentures occur because they don’t fit correctly, and that concern is eliminated when you opt for dental implants. Dentures wear out and deteriorate over time. You jaw changes as you experience bone recession due to the lack of stimulation from your missing teeth. Your facial shape will change, appearing sunken and making you appear much older. You will naturally alter your bite to accommodate loose dentures as your jaw shrinks.

Some of the significant issues that come with ill-fitting dentures include:

  • TMJ Pain: The impact of your bite can’t be understated. You might narrow your bite to make up for the loose dentures, but that can affect your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) which connect your jaw to your skull. TMJ Disorders can be difficult to diagnose, but a locking or clicking jaw and pain are good indicators.
  • Difficulty Eating and Speaking: The bite capacity of dentures is already limited which is why certain foods are off the table. When dentures don’t fit correctly, you may have difficulty eating and problems speaking clearly.
  • Teeth Wear Down: Denture teeth are prone to wear and tear, particularly if they’re made of plastic, but even the porcelain option is susceptible to chipping and cracking under the pressure of chewing.

Dentures often cause bad breath and discomfort. They typically don’t look natural and must be removed for doctor’s appointments and hospital visits. However, food limitations are among the top complaints from denture wearers.

Some people need replacement dentures within one year of getting them while others can go decades. Our implant dentist typically recommends researching your options and getting a replacement between four and eight years.

Benefits of Replacing Dentures with Dental Implants

Instead of replacing worn out dentures, we can use dental implants, which are a permanent solution to missing teeth. The process involves implanting posts in your jaw to strengthen the bone and form a tooth root system. That allows for up to 70 percent more biting force, so you can eat whatever you want and smile wide without issue. Dental implants attach a bridge to your jaw and are typically called implant-supported dentures.

There are many benefits to replacing dentures with implants, such as:

  • Minimizes an aging appearance by rebuilding lip support and restoring facial structure
  • Preserves bone density and prevents further recession
  • No adhesives necessary
  • No discomfort from dentures that don’t fit properly
  • Restores stability so you can chew foods without worry
  • Improves tasting abilities
  • Looks and feels more natural than dentures

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