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You may have seen the LVI Fellow logo on the home page of our website. What does it mean to you? Good question.


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For dental patients of Dr. Michael Adler it’s confirmation that your dentist has made a commitment to excellence in the dental profession. It also means that as a patient the highest level of dental care is available to you and any other members of your family.

Achieving excellence in the dental profession requires much more than graduating from dental school. As an LVI trained dentist, Dr. Adler has been involved in a series of intensive hands on programs that provide excellent insight and skills in advanced dental techniques and concepts.

The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI Global) is renowned worldwide for the quality of its post-graduate dentistry training. Dentists from all over the world come to LVI to continue their education and learn more about how to effectively treat their patients.

The LVI Fellow which Dr. Adler has attained is awarded to those who have completed the LVI CORE Curriculum which includes a minimum of 278 continuing dental education hours of training in advanced aesthetics, and neuromuscular science, and who has successfully completed a comprehensive examination.

Quoting from the LVI Global website:

“The LVI trained doctor understands advanced aesthetic concepts that go far beyond what is taught in dental school. In some of the courses they will spend days studying and practically applying the most current thinking in adhesive dentistry, learning how to practice optimal conservative tooth preserving dentistry and be able to use materials that are not only stronger and bonded in place better, but also happen to be aesthetic! LVI trained doctors are among the very few in the dental profession who can look at a patient’s complete health situation and very often will find the underlying cause that has been overlooked. This allows them to have remarkable success in treating conditions like migraine and chronic headaches as well as sleep disorders and a variety of other conditions.”

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