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Kelsy’s Smile Before

Kelsy is a beautiful young woman whose smile didn’t match her bright and outgoing personality. One of her front teeth was chipped and discolored from a previous injury. Kelsy’s mom wanted to do something special for Kelsy’s 25th birthday and decided that the best present would be a new smile to match the rest of her. Kelsy’s mom only wanted the best for daughter so they came to Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. After an initial consultation and exam to discuss exactly what Kelsy wanted, Dr. Adler recommended doing Zoom Whitening to brighten up her smile and even out the shades and then doing porcelain restorations on her two upper front teeth. He recommended placing restorations on both front teeth even though only one tooth was discolored because it is extremely difficult to restore a single front tooth and have the shape, size, and color match the tooth next to it. In order to keep the teeth looking natural and the smile symmetrical it is usually recommended to restore front teeth in sets of 2, 4, or 8 teeth.

Kelsy’s Beautiful New Smile

The first step for Kelsy was preparing her two front teeth for the porcelain crowns. The teeth #8 & 9 were prepped for new the crowns and a stump shade was taken. The stump shade is the underlying color of the tooth after it has been prepared for a restoration. This shade is important because if a tooth has a dark underlying color then the darkness could show through a crown if the color or opaqueness is not adjusted to accommodate this. After the teeth were prepped and the stump shade taken then the temporary crowns were placed and looked almost as good and the final ones would.

Kelsy’s next step of treatment was Zoom Whitening. Cotton barriers that have been specially formulated by Zoom Whitening to block the effects of the light were placed around the gums and tissue. An additional barrier called Liquid dam was also carefully applied to the tissue to fully isolate it from the whitening solution and light. Once everything had been isolated except for the teeth, the whitening gel was then applied to the teeth and placed under a special light that activated the gel to give the dramatic results. The whitening gel and light were reapplied for each of the four 15 minute sessions. The results are typically 2-3 shades lighter then originally but some people have even gotten better results then that. Kelsy’s results were the dramatic white smile we were looking for without looking unnaturally bright. Custom trays were also made for Kelsy so she could continue to do touch up whitening at home. Once Kelsy was satisfied with the whiteness of her teeth – the shade was sent to the lab so they could match the color of her crowns to her existing teeth to make a seamless blend.

Beautiful Smile to Match Her Personality

Aurum Dental Laboratories in Las Vegas are known for their high quality work and attention to detail. Kelsy’s restorations were given the same personalized attention that we have come to expect from Aurum. The crowns were custom fabricated not only to match her existing teeth in color but also given the size and shape to best compliment her face and give her smile an overall aesthetic appeal.

The final step of Kelsy’s treatment was seating the final restorations. Kelsy was very excited for this appointment. The temporary crowns were removed and the teeth were cleaned with an antimicrobial solution and then the final restorations were chemically bonded to the teeth using the best and most advanced products available to make the teeth as strong as before. Now Kelsy’s teeth look and function better then ever and she has the beautiful smile to match her personality.


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