Boulder Colorado Cosmetic Dentistry | 3 Before and After Cases

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can range from attention to a single tooth to a complete smile makeover. Each patient and treatment are unique. Three cosmetic dentistry cases are profiled here with before and after pictures that speak for themselves.

Case 1

Ice is one of the hazards of winter that has slipped us all up at some time or another.  Adam was no exception to this.  He slipped and fell hitting his face on the ice.  His face took the impact of the fall and tooth #8 (upper right front tooth) was severely broken.

Prior to the crowns being custom made, Adam had his teeth whitened using our in-office ZOOM laser whitening.  The main ingredient in Zoom is hydrogen peroxide. The Zoom light aids in activating the hydrogen peroxide and helps it penetrate the surface of the tooth.  It is a simple procedure that can produce great results.  With this new brighter smile, Adam was ready to have the shade taken for his new crown and veneers. Now Adam has a great new smile that he can’t help but show off and the results are dazzling.

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Boulder cosmetic dentistry case with chipped tooth

Adam before

Boulder cosmetic dentistry case after image

Adam after

Case 2

Elizabeth came to see Dr. Adler based on recommendations from friends. She wanted to improve the appearance of some of her restorations. More than anything she wanted her whole smile to look good and balanced. To get started Elizabeth first whitened her teeth with the ZOOM! Whitening system so that her lower teeth would be as white at her new upper teeth were going to be.

Then eight of Elizabeth’s upper anterior teeth were prepped for the restorations. Once the teeth had been properly shaped for the restorations, temporary crowns and bridge were placed. The temporaries looked almost as good as the crowns would, and already better than what she had had before. Impressions of the prepped teeth were sent to the lab for fabrication. Each restoration was custom made to ensure that the overall smile would be symmetrical, functional and aesthetically appealing. The results are dramatic.

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Boulder cosmetic dentistry Elizabeth before image

Elizabeth before

Boulder cosmetic dentistry Elizabeth after image

Elizabeth after


Case 3

Sarah came to our office in need of a complete mouth makeover. She was having muscle spasms on her right side, felt like her bite was off, and had TMJ pain. In addition, she was complaining of jaw pain and pain when chewing. Sarah was concerned about having healthy teeth and gums and a comfortable bite.

Sarah underwent a very dramatic change the day she came in and had all of her teeth prepared for restoration. Every tooth was fitted for all porcelain crowns.  The procedure was completed in a single day, thereby reducing the number of visits the patient needed to make and insuring the correct bite.  Now Sarah is pain free and has a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

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Boulder cosmetic dentistry Sarah before image

Sarah before

Boulder cosmetic dentistry Sarah after image

Sarah after


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