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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We go to great lengths to ensure our patients receive the highest level of care in modern dentistry. This effort extends to every aspect of our patients' office visits, whether for a consultation or treatment.

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Again thank you. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of service to you or other members of your family.

- Dr. Michael Adler


Adler Dentistry testimonials

"Great Dentist. Really knows what he is doing. I drive a very long distance to see him and it's worth it."

"This is the dentist I have been looking for since moving to Boulder six years ago. I bit the bullet and had some major work done that I have been putting off for years. The completed work is gorgeous and feels right."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Adler since 1994. He has repeatedly made my visits comfortable and I always leave feeling good."

"His practice has always utilized the newest technology. His competence, integrity and professionalism is unwavering. He maintains a highly professional staff."



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Boulder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry
Comprehensive Multi-Discipline Dental Services in a
Single Convenient Location

From the moment you enter our Boulder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry office, we want you to feel Dr. Adler can transform routine dental care into a truly pleasant experience. Modern dentistry has many techniques, local anesthetics and relaxation methods to increase your comfort.

It comes down to a feeling of trust. Our job is to listen to you, educate you, and respect your decisions. Boulder Dentist Dr. Michael Adler understands you might be anxious about the process of receiving dental care.

Therefore he makes a point of explaining your proposed treatment plan carefully and takes the time to answer all your questions completely. Only then will he take you gently through your treatment. The more involved you are in making dental health decisions, the less room there is for fear and uncertainty.

At Adler Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we are working to provide dentistry the way you want.


About Dr. Michael Adler

Dr. Michael Adler is pleased to bring a diverse background of academic research and life experiences to his practice. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Dr. Adler worked as a research biochemist at Stanford University prior to enrolling and completing his dental degree at Georgetown University.

Dr. Adler served as a Lieutenant in the United States Public Health Service, providing care and patient education on the Navajo Reservation. For this service, Dr. Adler was awarded a prestigious commission by Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop. Dr. Adler has been in private practice since 1990.

Dr. Adler is committed to lifelong training as a way to be able to offer his patients the best dental care possible. His postgraduate training has been extensive, including studies on the topics of neuromuscular dentistry and smile design at the nationally renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). Dr. Adler was recently awarded a Fellowship from LVI. Dr. Adler is also certified to provide Invisalign orthodontics to his patients. In the summer of 2014 Dr. Adler was awarded a Fellowship from the IACA (International Association of comprehensive Aesthetics).

The cosmetic and family dental practice of Dr. Michael Adler is based in the Colorado community of Boulder, a convenient and scenic drive from most locations in the Denver and Front Range areas. Boulder, Colorado is also an inviting destination location for visiting out-of-state patients seeking Dr. Adler’s specialized attention. Dr. Adler is nationally recognized for his work and is committed to providing his patients with the highest level of care in both cosmetic and family dentistry.


Featured Recent Blogs


Dr. Adler Awarded IACA Fellowship

Ron Jackson gave a heartwarming farewell lecture. He has been such an inspiration to me over the past few years and was instrumental in developing composite resin bonding. He worked with KERR to develop the Sonic Fill resin system, the absolute best posterior filling material. The white filling material is liquified and flows into the cavity preparation leaving virtually no voids.

I received a Fellowship from the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics.  (read more ...)


Boulder Holistic Dentist

One of the most common questions patients ask me is, “What does it mean when you’re a holistic dentist?”

Being a holistic dentist means we try to approach your dental needs from every angle. If a patient has a high rate of decay, we want to find out why. Is it due to diet? Many people know that candy and soda causes cavities, but so can a diet high in simple carbohydrates. Perhaps a patient has a high bacteria level in their mouth and could benefit from a laser bacterial reduction.

Does a patient suffer from severe headaches? It could be due to their occlusion, or how their teeth come together. Does the patient have joint issues? These could also be contributing to their headaches. One of the ways we can determine if a patient could possibly have TMJ issues that contribute to their migraines is if they have excessive wear on their teeth.  (read more ...)


Does Your Dentist Use Decay Indicator?

Decay indicator or caries indicator has been around for quite a while. I remember when I was taking histology in college and working in research labs at U.C. Berkeley, we used a cellular stains that reacted with the organic components of the cell. For several years in practice I wondered if certain stains could be used to identify cavities. A cavity is an area of demineralized enamel or dentin. Enamel and dentition are composed of a dense calcium rich matrix and relatively inorganic in its composition. The enamel is in fact one of the hardest naturally occurring substances allowing us to eat beer nuts and popcorn! When decay happens, bacteria penetrate into the tooth feeding on carbohydrates or sugars that we eat. The acid byproduct of the breakdown of these sugars demineralize the tooth structure.Once the decay has reached the dentin the bacteria can also feed on the existing tooth structure that is less mineralized and is softer.  (read more ...)


Patient Review of Boulder Dentist Dr. Michael Adler

I have had dental issues since the age of 9. My front tooth was accidentally compromised by a closing door and it was downhill from there. Root canal. Trying to match crown after crown. At 20, I finally got lucky. I found Dr. Moini, a prosthodontist in DC on the faculty at Georgetown. He was very particular about my gum tissue and the shape, and for a decade, I had my teeth back. However, after 10 years, my crown started to discolor, and I had moved from DC and I needed a new crown. I chose the first dentist – a self proclaimed dentist to the stars on Central Park West. He damaged my gums so badly with his attempt at a front crown that my damage became permanent. After weeks of trying to repair with no luck, I found another dentist who changed out the crown, but my teeth slowly became worse.  (read more ...)


Why Neuromuscular Dentistry and the TENS Unit

We see many neuromuscular TMJ pain and bite destruction patients at Adler Cosmetic and Family Dentistry… and a frequent question is:

Why do I need to use the TENS unit and how is it training my bite to a new position?

First let’s start with the definition of TENS. TENS is transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation. That means when we place the TENS electrodes  on a specific  spot on the face we pass an electrical current through the skin to a nerve that controls the muscles of the jaw. These muscles begin pulsing the jaw.  When someone closes their teeth together  this sends a signal to the brain and the brain begins to understand how to bring the teeth together maximally. This may in fact be a bad bite relationship causing pain in some patients and or tooth destruction in others.  (read more ...)


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