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My husband and I were introduced to Dr. Adler many years ago. Our dentist in Denver wasn’t able to save my husband’s tooth and told him I am going to send you to Dr. Adler. If anyone can save the tooth Dr. Adler can. He was right and Dr. Adler saved his tooth. We live about 45 minutes away but we have continued to make the drive for his care. He is the best dentist we have gone to. We would recommend him to anyone.”

Wow. I’m shocked, dismayed and baffled by the two horrendously negative reviews by Jen M and Jay F. I have been well cared for by Dr. Adler since 1994. My unlucky genetics, clenching and grinding have made for high maintenance teeth since before early adulthood. My dental expenses make a huge dent in my income. As such, I have always been mindful of the potential for other dental care that might be more cost effective than Dr. Adler. He has always been quite open with me about his rates being at or a bit above average for the area.

I even once went to another supposedly reputable dentist for a procedure quoted about 20% less than Dr. Adler. By the time I was out the door, I had to pay just as much as Dr. Adler would have charged. And the quality and entire experience was terrible. I went RUNNING back to Adler.

I often joke about how I have purchased an addition on Dr. Adler’s house as well as paying for one of his child’s college education. However, I have ZERO regrets and feel very fortunate to have received his care for 18 years.

His practice has always utilized the newest technology. His competence, integrity and professionalism is unwavering. He maintains a highly professional staff. I have NEVER had an unpleasant or painful experience in his chair. As a matter of fact, I relax so much in his chair that I often struggle to stay awake!

As much as I hate to face his bills, I can’t imagine ever wanting to go to any other dentist. Dr. Adler has earned my loyalty for the duration.

Thanks for reading,

— Lee

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