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At Adler Advanced Dentistry, our experienced dentist and our team are wholly committed to providing you with a wide range of dental treatment options. If you have been considering Lumineers® dental veneers, please schedule a complimentary consultation at Adler Advanced Dentistry to learn more about them. Please call us at 303-449-1119.

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What Are Lumineers®?

Lumineers® are a specific brand of dental veneer. They are thinner than the other types of porcelain veneers offered at our practice. They improve your smile by concealing various cosmetic tooth problems, such as stains, chips and teeth that are misshapen or too short. Some of our guests prefer Lumineers® for the following reasons:

  • Lumineers® can often be placed with little or no changes made to the enamel on your tooth.
  • These dental veneers require relatively little preparation compared to other veneers.
  • They are often well-suited to people wanting to make minor, simple changes to their teeth.

Sometimes these advantages make Lumineers® the right choice for an individual. But the only way to know your options is to discuss them with Dr. Adler. He wants to make sure you know and understand all of your options for getting the gorgeous smile of your dreams, and he believes in empowering you to make your own decisions as a respected individual and guest at our practice.

Lumineers® vs. Porcelain Veneers

Our other brands of porcelain veneers, while very slightly thicker, are well-suited to the full range of cosmetic problems, including diastemas (gap between the two front teeth) and worn teeth edges. These porcelain veneers offer Dr. Adler the most flexibility in meeting your cosmetic smile goals, while Lumineers® can sometimes limit the options. But the only way to know for sure is to visit us for your consultation.

Lumineers® and other brands also share certain characteristics, such as:

  • Stain resistant
  • Conceal minor cosmetic tooth flaws
  • Create a whiter, brighter smile
  • Sometimes a good alternative to treatment with metal braces

Because we are committed to providing you with options, we offer Lumineers® as well as other types of porcelain veneers at our dentistry practice.

To schedule a complimentary consultation at Adler Advanced Dentistry, please call us at 303-449-1119 or contact us online today. Dr. Adler is an experienced, LVI-trained cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist serving Boulder, CO and all of the nearby areas.

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