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The Dental Implant Process at Adler Advanced Dentistry

dental implant procedure boulder colorado dentistA missing tooth can really impact your smile and oral health. It may make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious when you talk with others, leading you to feel awkward in social situations. Even more serious is the effect on your oral health. Missing teeth can cause a number of dental issues that, when left untreated, may necessitate more dental work.

New Sleep appliance for snoring and Sleep apnea

We just started using a new sleep appliance called  MicroO2 with great success. This appliance seems to be much more comfortable than the Somnomed appliance. We have stopped significant snoring and improved oxygenation almost immediately, even in very severe cases.   The appliance also does not constrict the tongue space- a common problem with other sleep appliances. When we call our patients after a few days of wear they are amazed with the results. We use a neuromuscular bite as the starting point for the appliance. This allows a much more comfortable jaw position.

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