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Discriminating dental patients from up and down the Colorado Front Range come to Adler Advanced Dentistry because they expect and deserve high-quality dentistry performed by an experienced and skilled dentist in a state-of-the-art setting. Our goal is always to deliver advanced dental care that supports oral health and delivers the attractive results and dental aesthetics that our patients seek.

Boulder Denver Cosmetic Dentist Testimonial Video

We recently sat down with one of our cosmetic dentistry patients to get her thoughts about the cosmetic dentistry procedures we completed for her. It's always interesting to hear first hand from patients about their experiences in our office.

If you have about two minutes we invite you to watch and listen to the video below. The before and after images provide a compelling visual reference to document our patient's treatment.



New Sleep appliance for snoring and Sleep apnea

We just started using a new sleep appliance called  MicroO2 with great success. This appliance seems to be much more comfortable than the Somnomed appliance. We have stopped significant snoring and improved oxygenation almost immediately, even in very severe cases.   The appliance also does not constrict the tongue space- a common problem with other sleep appliances. When we call our patients after a few days of wear they are amazed with the results. We use a neuromuscular bite as the starting point for the appliance. This allows a much more comfortable jaw position.

Boulder Denver Cosmetic Dentistry | April 2014 Newsletter


This month’s newsletter includes a list of some healthier choices for bedtime snacks. Maybe give one a try!

Looking your best is important personally and professionally. Many people these days opt for some form of cosmetic dentistry. Some before and after pictures are featured below.

Our best!

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Boulder Dental Center | August 2013 Newsletter


Need breakfast ideas to fit your on-the-go lifestyle? We’ve got some ideas for you this month. See the feature article below.
Could your smile stand for a little brightening? The ZOOM Whitening System may be for you. Some before and after patient images and additional information are below.

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Boulder Dentist | July 2013 Newsletter


What makes a successful summer? The author of this month’s feature article says it’s the “3 Rs” (relax, reflect, recharge). The complete article is below.

A before and after image of a patient’s cosmetic procedure is shown below. Multiple types of treatment were used to address this patient’s specific needs. A link to the full case study description is provided.

For additional information or to schedule a consultation on any dental issue please call us or send an email. Our contact details follow.

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