Adler to the rescue!

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I came to Dr. Adler with a tooth that was prepped for a crown from another dentist. The experience with the previous dentist was traumatizing to say the least. Dr. Adler's office got me in on the same day I called. I think they knew for my call that I was in pain and needed help. Two hours after my phone call I was in Dr. Adler's chair having this tooth that was causing me so much pain fixed. Dr. Adler has all of the most modern technology that he uses in his office. Everything was painless. His staff was delightful as was he. I am new to Boulder and he will be my dentist going forward. I would highly recommend him to anyone that's looking to have any sort of dental work. This is not the dentist of my childhood days. When you walk in his office they serve you coffee tea or water. When you get in the chair they put a fuzzy warm blanket on you and a wonderful neck support. I couldn't even tell that he gave me a shot. And my crown was prepared right there on site. I walked out of that office complete. The following day, they called to see how you're feeling. This is a full-service dentist with the caring staff.